Namu Amida Butsu

This work is especially dedicated to Zuiken Saizo Inagaki, who sheds light on the pristine and original teachings of Jodo Shinshu (Shin Buddhism) for many people, including myself. I regard him as my soul teacher and I am very much influenced by his words and thoughts, which are deeply imbued with the Wisdom of Compassion of Amida Buddha. I read most of his writings available in Chinese language and I wish to share some of his golden words in this blog in English. Rev. George Gatenby and Mr. Gabriel Schlaefer have been kindly and untiringly assisting me to edit the translated essays so that they are readable and true to the intent of Sensei. May all partake of the wisdom of Shinshu teaching and be overpowered by the light of Amida Buddha.

Namu Amida Butsu!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Prologue 94

The autumn moon, glimmering
Emerges from the billowing clouds

The ‘mound of anjin’ of a bombu is such that it becomes crushed, and crumbles away as soon as it is built. Until it is distorted beyond recognition, it will be built again.  Bombu does this for a thousand or a hundred thousand times before they come to realize all of a sudden that the focal point is not to appease this one mind, but to turn our attention to the Power of the Tathagata, Buddha-power and the Primal-Vow Power.

“Because of the Primal-Vow Power, the person who cannot be emancipated becomes emancipated. Emancipation is right before you, it is right here, right here, Namu-amida-butsu”.

As a consequence, in that instant of hearing that ‘my attainment of birth has been settled (ji jo)”, the karmic obstacles of the three lives, the past, future and present are now all turned into the sounds of praising the Name [of Amida Tathagata]. When we take in truthfully the dharma words of our founding teacher the Shonin, we simply show our reverential trust to the Primal-Vow Power of the Tathagata, and what remains is ‘inconceivable’, ‘inconceivable’.

Zuiken Sama


  1. Great words about the nature of a bombu and the reverential trust. Melvin, many thanks for the translation!

  2. I like the way Sensei described about the 'false' anjin that many people refer to or presume, which is essentially 'self-power' or calculation. The import of the 'Other-power' which is described as 'jinen' in 'On Jinen Honi' and many places in Shinran's writings needs to be pondered carefully. Jinen simply means the Other-Power, without adding calculations of bombu.