Namu Amida Butsu

This work is especially dedicated to Zuiken Saizo Inagaki, who sheds light on the pristine and original teachings of Jodo Shinshu (Shin Buddhism) for many people, including myself. I regard him as my soul teacher and I am very much influenced by his words and thoughts, which are deeply imbued with the Wisdom of Compassion of Amida Buddha. I read most of his writings available in Chinese language and I wish to share some of his golden words in this blog in English. Rev. George Gatenby and Mr. Gabriel Schlaefer have been kindly and untiringly assisting me to edit the translated essays so that they are readable and true to the intent of Sensei. May all partake of the wisdom of Shinshu teaching and be overpowered by the light of Amida Buddha.

Namu Amida Butsu!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Even down to ten times

"Even down to ten times" refers to people who say the Name as few as ten times. "Even down to" means that neither those who say the Name more than ten times nor those who only HEAR the Name are omitted or excluded from birth in the Pure Land." 
Shinran Shonin
The above passage is referring to the true entrusting (shinjin). On hearing Amida's Vow, "Save you as you are!" free of doubt (shinjin), the nembutsu of gratefulness and joy will flow, "Namo Amida Butsu, my Lord Buddha, thank you for saving me!" This is one utterance awakened from Shinjin.
When Shinjin has been settled, in ordinary days, every time when we come to think of Amida's Vow, it naturally calls to mind His Name of Great Compassion, and the nembutsu will naturally flow, "Namo Amida Butsu...." All these are the proof of Amida's realisation of our birth.
Zuizen Melvin

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