Namu Amida Butsu

This work is especially dedicated to Zuiken Saizo Inagaki, who sheds light on the pristine and original teachings of Jodo Shinshu (Shin Buddhism) for many people, including myself. I regard him as my soul teacher and I am very much influenced by his words and thoughts, which are deeply imbued with the Wisdom of Compassion of Amida Buddha. I read most of his writings available in Chinese language and I wish to share some of his golden words in this blog in English. Rev. George Gatenby and Mr. Gabriel Schlaefer have been kindly and untiringly assisting me to edit the translated essays so that they are readable and true to the intent of Sensei. May all partake of the wisdom of Shinshu teaching and be overpowered by the light of Amida Buddha.

Namu Amida Butsu!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Essay 155

Amida Tathāgata places His two palms together:
NamoAmidaButsu—the mind-power that does not allow you to fall,
Wherein the Tathāgata and the bonbu uncalculatedly become one.
This is the Original Vow-power of the Tathāgata,
The radiance of compassion and wisdom of the Tathāgata of the Unhindered Light,
The inconceivability of the Great Perfect Enlightenment—the fulfillment of the two-fold benefit of self and others—that is spread and heard throughout the ten quarters!
Born in the Pure Land through the Vow-power—
How rare and estimable this is!

‘Amida Tathāgata places his palms together; NamuAmidaButsu is the mind-power that does not allow you to fall.’ How admirable this reality is! We are truly speechless when we ponder the fact that we are revered by the Tathāgata; the only feelings contained are ‘shameful’ and ‘grateful’. We have been troubled with the matter on how to be born in the Pure Land to this day, and how we are to acquire the Other-power Faith (shinjin). The Tathāgata requests, ‘Just come as you are, please! I am waiting for you!’ Doubtful mind, self-power mind, and so on have all disappeared without a trace. What is left behind is the mind full of repentance: ‘How compassionate the Tathāgata is! Up to this day, this point, I am still heading in the wrong direction. I am so sorry for the Tathāgata!’

Again, the Original Vow-power—the Original Vow-power of NamuAmidaButsu—is something we are familiar with. Nevertheless, we start out from our side and use our own power, thinking of acquiring ‘Faith’. Hence we do not feel its praiseworthiness. But once we eventually come to know the fact that ‘the Tathāgata is beseeching me, that’s the Original Vow-power, that’s NamoAmidaButsu’—only then are we able to entrust to the Original Vow-power of NamoAmidaButsu that’s working animatedly! Ah, so repentant! I am speechless; I surrender.

Prince Shôtoku 聖德太子at Age Two


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